Tragus Piercing – UPDATE

My Tragus Piercing was one of the first posts that I published on my blog and since then I have had a somewhat interesting experience in regards to my piercing. I was so happy that I got it done even though it wasnt planned. However, from day one I have had issues with it. Firstly,... Continue Reading →

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Blogger Interviews: The Blogging Community

The Blogging Community is full of fellow bloggers alike. Like anything in life it has both good and bad qualities. Personally, I have had only good experiences within the blogging community, however, I wanted to know what other bloggers thought. Similar to the first post in this blogger interview series, I sent out some questions... Continue Reading →

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My First Post

Welcome, So, you are probably asking why the name FiveFeetandOneInch? Good question! When I started this Blog I was trying to make it personal. I wanted it to be about me and so I asked myself, how would someone describe me? and the first thing everyone points out about me is my height. Yes, I... Continue Reading →

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