One Line A Day – Memory Book

I saw a post by Talitha, over at her blog ‘She’s At One With‘. The post was called Five year memory book. I love a good Diary, Journal, Memory Book etc…and so I was intrigued. After reading the post I knew I had to get one. Straight away, I logged onto Amazon and purchased this One Line A Day – Five Year Memory Book. Not only did it seem like a great idea, the book also looked really pretty. It has a teal blue padded cover, with gold writing and the edges of the pages are lined with the same gold colouring as the text on the cover. This memory book cost me £8.93 which I actually think is really good considering it will last five years and looks more expensive in my opinion.

I ordered this in October this year but have not started using it yet as I wanted to start it on the 1st January 2018. I will write a full review of it once I have made some use out of it but I thought I would write a post about it now as it would be good to purchase for the new year.

However, if the look of this doesn’t take your fancy then there are a few other designs to choose from.

One Line a Day (Celestial): A Five-Year Memory Book.

This is currently on sale for £11.98 but originally cost £14.99. I really like the pattern of the front cover but it does seem to increase the price a little bit.

Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

This one is on sale for £9.32 but originally cost £11.99. The colour of this one is super cute and if it is not for you then it may make a really good gift for your own mum or a mum that you know.

Living Well One Line a Day: A Five-Year Reflection Book

Costing just £9.29 on sale down from £13.00. Personally, I am not sure what is different about this in comparison to the original one but this might be more towards your taste.

One Sketch A Day: A Visual Journal

If writing doesn’t take your fancy then maybe this will be more for you. It is a Sketch a day journal. This is really interesting and if you are any good at drawing then I think this is such a good idea. This costs only £9.67 and originally cost £11.99.

One Line a Day, Five Years of Memories: Pastel Pink

This has a really nice pattern, it is very feminine and only costs £8.88.

One Line a Day, Five Years of Memories: Blue Marble Ink

This one has a really interesting pattern and also costs just £8.88.

As I mentioned above, I am going to write a full review but for now if you want to know more then check out Talitha’s post. I just thought that I would share this great idea and where to get them as it makes a good new years resolution. Let me know if you have any of these and what you think of them.

Thanks for reading!

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